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Resolving to reclaim the time-suck

Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend discussing what went well in 2019 and what was on our minds for 2020. One theme that prevailed was structure and prioritization. What were we saying “yes” and “no” to? 

My resolutions and goals all-too-often are additions to my already busy life. New things I want to fit in without examining what I will take out. One statement I’ve heard in one way another from countless parent friends is, “I have no idea what what I used to do with all my free time now that I have so little.” As a non-parent, I do not have the same constraints placed up me and often have plenty of time to waste. In my younger years I wanted to be busy all the time but now I appreciate having some that is unstructured for last minute friend get togethers or time just to be lazy. But if I am going to get the things done life that must be addressed, I think it also requires that I identify where my most unproductive time sucks lay. A number of things come to mind like: 

  • The constant pull of the smartphone and social media

  • An endless array of things to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime, making it easy too much time surfing for something to watch or perhaps trying out one of the new "binge-worthy" shows, which ends up consuming whole evenings

  • An erratic sleep schedule that can leave me tired or missing out on early morning hours that I enjoy for coffee and reflection, which also leads to my day starting later

  • Often lacking a clear work day to-do list, which makes it more about searching for things to do rather than addressing what needs to be done

  • Poor meal planning and cooking schedule: resulting in multiple grocery trips a week, cooking consuming more time throughout the week than I mean for it to or scrambling to assemble a lunch before I head out the door

While there are a handful of things I’d like to do this year, I think one of the gifts I’m going to work on giving myself, with a little more planning, is recovering some of that lost time. Once I have that in hand, I can knock out all kinds of stuff of simply be lazy.

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