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Avoiding the smart answer

Later today I will meet up (online) with my friend James for the second time in as many weeks. The arrival of the pandemic and subsequent “stay at home order” has led me like everyone else to ponder what my life might consist of now that it has changed so dramatically. In a back and forth text conversation three weeks ago, he and I decided to  start a podcast and see what happens. 

As our first recorded discussion wound down we debriefed about how it went, adjustments to make and where it might (or might not) go. James offered up an observation that changed the whole premise and brought into question whether we should even have a podcast, “when I think about our great conversations, we’re usually talking through problems and ideas together rather than necessarily having to solve them. Since we were recording, there were a number of times I felt like I was supposed to give you a smart answer rather than have our usual conversation". 

We both agreed that while recording our conversations to potentially share might be of interest to some, it was more important for the conversation to be genuine than clever. There is no guarantee that any of it will ever see the light of day but if it does, I promise to James, anyone that listens and myself that it will be searching and energized the way our conversations always are.

p.s. James recently launched a newsletter on energy efficiency, innovation, and technology in buildings. If that's the kind of thing that interests you, I recommend checking it out. The newsletter is only a couple months old, James will readily admit to the steep learning curve he is on but is quickly carving a path for himself.

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