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A yoga lesson for my work pursuits

In recent weeks I have found a level of relief and excitement as a level of clarity has emerged for me regarding a consulting concept I have built and am refining. I now am spending part of my time prospecting opportunities but am also feeling a growing urge to find work to pay the bills.

This morning I was at the yoga studio and as I moved through my practice and probably should have been all "zen and stuff", my mind was racing about how I could move to quickly tackle this revenue problem. How much effort should I put towards growing my practice? How much will I put towards finding a job and just growing the practice part-time? Can this all just be over already and can my life PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE return to “normal"?!!!

At that moment, one of the more impactful yoga statements I’ve read over the years came to me, “the pose begins when you want it to end”. In the context of yoga, there are parts that are fun, inspiring or challenging in a good way. There are also parts that are boring, exhausting and frustrating. What the statement reminds me is that when the practice is tiring or something else unpleasant, that is when the real mental work begins.

This is not the first moment in my current professional journey that has been difficult but now that I have an idea in-hand, it is the first point when I’ve been able to say, “I have learned the intellectual lesson. May I please now progress on to the next (normal) chapter?” The yoga quote reminds me I can be as frustrated as I want about my situation but that response means that I should dig more into advancing myself rather than succumb to frustration or paralysis.

It is easier said than done for sure but that is what I try to remind myself as I move into this weekend.

Go Forth Boldly

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