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Plug and play venn diagrams

Last fall while reading the book Belong, I began working to identify my values, interests and abilities (VIA) included in my professional and personal lives. A couple months after completing that my father suggested I go deeper by working to visualize the books, articles, podcasts, shows, business tools and more I regularly reference to better see what I have collected along the way (see the journey here). Both steps helped me extract from my mind things I know and feel and yet would’ve had a hard time recalling or articulating on-the-spot. The second part has continued to evolve for months, pushing me to repeatedly go deeper and offer additional context and clarity on each topic. After multiple reworks it began to culminate into a belief statements about what I stand for and bring to the table.

A couple weeks ago, a friend who heard about my exercise said to me, “it would be interesting for you to take each of those categories you identified, write them onto pieces of paper and then place them in a bowl. From time-to-time you could pull out two or three and see if they highlight any interesting overlaps you haven’t considered."

Today is day one for this experiment and I have reached in the bowl a handful of times. No life-changing findings have taken place yet but what I love about this exercise is how it helps me position my skills and interests in ways I might not be considering.

The journey I have been on for several months now has forced me to turn inward in ways both exhilarating and frustrating but what I can say as I begin to face outward again is I am delighted to have afforded myself the time for this questioning and seeking.

Go Forth Boldly

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