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19 in '19

For me, good friends are people with whom I laugh and connect deeply. They’re also people that push me to be an even better version of myself. In December my friend Erin stated to a group of friends she wanted to follow an idea published by “The Happiness Project” podcast in 2018 of creating a list of 18 things to do that year. The idea was the list would be a mix of items that were broader lifestyle changes, involved goals and things you could knock out in an afternoon.

Yesterday a group of ten or so assembled at Erin's apartment to share our lists, learn from each other and begin our march to knocking out 19 things in ’19. While my list perhaps isn't in its more final version yet, its on its way and therefore have decided to share it with the hope of inviting questions, suggestions and as another way to hold myself accountable.

Here is to another bold year.


  • Consistently sign up for dance class (starting February)

  • Establish time and place for writing (use Seinfeld strategy to stay consistent)

  • No using of phone in car if it is not in park ($150 financial penalty for doing so)

  • Further strengthen cooking skills (review “4 Hour Chef”, “Salt, Acid, Fat, Heat”, community college & Masterclass as options)

  • Attempt a 10 minute stand-up comedy set

  • Exercise practice 5x / week (use Seinfeld strategy to stay consistent)

History & Politics

  • Explore avenues into greater political and civic involvement: Missouri Budget Project, local representatives, etc

  • Join Marine Villa neighborhood association

  • Explore “St. Louis room” at the downtown library


  • Vegetable garden in backyard

  • Acquire desk for dedicated writing (Kevin has one I can look at)

  • Continue decorating house: artwork for main wall, Bourdain commemorative plaque, etc

  • Develop evening wind down routine (lay out clothes, pack lunch, calm brain)

  • Internet and TV-free weekends once a month ($150 penalty for non-adherence)

  • Streamline outfit options (Bridget has offered to help)

  • Acquire appropriate gym bag and accessories (Ask Kevin for suggestions)

Friends and connection

  • See friends even more often by creating additional recurring get togethers

  • Strengthen LSL cohort bond


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