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With the 2009-19 ten year photo sharing in full swing I spent a bit of this morning looking at photos from 2009. It is interesting to see things you can remember doing and yet had forgotten until that moment. I saw a guy in his mid(-ish) twenties who was in a budding relationship that would eventually lead him overseas before falling apart. The time abroad as a resident of a new culture and working through spiraling relationship would radically change his perspective and life. I saw someone who had only just begun to see himself as a strategic thinker, a term I cannot escape now. I saw someone who certainly did not see himself as a writer and now is. 

I saw friendships just getting off the ground that are now part of the bedrock of my life. I saw friendships that have since sailed into the sunset. I saw a life pre-yoga, pre-startups, pre-Leadership St. Louis and pre-cocktailing. I could not have foreseen any of these things because the experiences or ideas that lead to me finding them had yet to take place. 

This left me thinking about all the things that are still yet to happen that I can in no way foresee. It has left me wondering what the 47 year-old Chris of 2029 will look back on and marvel at. What will he have seen, know or believe that I cannot now? While not all the things I recounted above are "positive", I cannot say there are any I wish had not taken place because then I would likely not be where I am right now, which I believe is where I’m supposed to be. I suppose I will have to remain living “In the moments before…” as my friend Diana’s painting beckons. 

Thank you all for your fellowship, being a part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours.

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