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What do you do slowly?

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who has an emerging side hustle. An interest of hers has turned into something she is beginning to share with and sell to others. During the conversation she threw out a term I have been thinking about. She described part of what she offers is an alternative to “fast consumerism”, which means price over quality, disposable over reused and you owning the same things as everyone one else rather than something unique. If we’re all buying the same lamp from Target, reading the same NYT best seller and watching the same HBO series, while eating the same trendy snack, our lives may end up looking roughly the same. Each and every action we take isn’t going to be (nor should it be) unique to us but where are the areas you, like my friend, want to dig in and go deeper rather than simply doing what is fast or what everyone else is doing?

My friend operates in the home decor space and another term she mentioned, which helped further capture this is “slow decorating”. The idea that you do not need to solve all your decor issues at once. Rather, it can be a work in progress, something more curious, patient and deliberate.

The world we live in is built to accommodate things that are fast. CliffsNotes, k-cups, 1-Click-Ordering, grab-n-go dinners, etc. But with all of this rushing the question is, “what are we rushing to?” Is it something where we allow ourselves to slow down or merely another item on the to-do list?

When do we stop the shallow work and move into deep work? When do we stop being busy and be lazy? When do we relish something slower that warrants dedicated time, exploration and maybe has a story to go along with it?

My friend’s work has left me thinking about this space in my own life and hopefully it will in yours too?

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