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More work responsibility = more personal responsibility

A friend called the other day about a compelling role opening up, which would put me near the center of an important conversation in our region. It left me fired up but also highlighted political and cultural landmines I'd need to navigate to be successful. It reminded me every job comes with difficulties to navigate. As I come to a middle stage of my career and responsibilities grow, I recognize I must place a greater responsibility on myself to ensure not only the job matches but so does the culture and charter to ensure I am equipped with the necessary permissions to succeed alongside the organization.

Entrenched forces and sacred cows are present inside most organizations but knowing those I could can mess with vs have to live with is key. Is a long-standing belief or cash cow up for discussion? Is the team that built the organization the right one to help it reach the next level?

I heard Mark Zuckerberg acknowledge his original mantra at Facebook, “move fast and break things” was much sexier than his current one, “move fast with stable infrastructure”. But its recognizes his understanding that the mentality the company used early on wouldn't work the same way in one with more than a billion users.

I’m enjoying figuring out where I’ll focus my efforts going forward. But before I jump aboard any one initiative, I’m reminded the questions I need to ask of the organization and myself before getting started is more important than ever.

Go Forth Boldly

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