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Harnessing and Emitting Energy

Over the course of the past month as I have sought to identify my strengths, one thing people have cited regularly is the energy and enthusiasm I give off. It has been a delightful thing to hear and build into how I talk about what I can bring to companies and organizations.

The book Belong offers a series of exercises to assess who you are and thus where you might fit in. One exercise I ended up enjoying asked me to plot my friends, family and colleagues on a chart denoting how much energy they give off and how positive vs. negative it is.

As I worked my way through people I had spent time with on the phone or in-person over the past month, the smile on my face grew. It was almost hard for me to find anyone bringing negative energy into my life.

So while I am thankful to everyone who has said such positive things to me about my energy, I want all of you to know it is in part due to being surround by a supportive, insightful and delightful group of people.

You inspire me to go forth boldly


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