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A Musing on Community via Calligraphy

After seeing the Ruth Asawa exhibition at The Pulitzer this week, I have been reflecting on takeaways other than the simple fact her work is stunning. It was a moving exhibition and I plan to go back to take it in again.

As I flipped through the pamphlet distributed at the front desk, there was a quote from Asawa on calligraphy I have been mulling, "we were taught to look at the space we don't touch. The form in calligraphy... is the space around the letter - that we leave white - as much as the character. [The white] is as important as what we put down."

When practicing calligraphy, she didn't simple study what was created, she saw what happened around the space. It has drawn me to think about the places we work and live. Do we define those spaces and care solely about what it is in our domain and under our control, or do we think about what is inside, outside and around it as well? Do we view those spaces and places from a communal standpoint or more from indifference and "not my job"?

At what point do we take an interest in and engage with things beyond our immediate creation and ownership?

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