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Is Your Company a Thought or Feeling?

I recently came across Bono and U2's campaign to "change the EU from a thought to a feeling". The singer praises the structure under which the union was established but says there is not enough emotion and identity attached to it.

Not only did I think this was great phrasing and imagery for how he wants to change things, but my mind went to business. Your startup or company provides a good or service. The question is, do your employees and customers view it as a thought or a feeling?

Is this something they simply do for a living or consume? Or does it cross the emotional chasm? Do people feel in a similar way about your company as they do about other exemplary brands like Apple, Trader Joe's or Southwest Airlines?

I think we tend to focus so much on the thought: what it is and how its made, we tend to lose the feeling: how it will change us and what it stands for.

Stay tuned for more on culture ad narrative over the coming weeks, which I will be exploring more deeply.

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