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What would you say you do here?

One interesting challenge when wading back into the employment waters is attempting to answer the question everyone asks who wants to help, "what do you want to do?" With a career path that can at best be described as roundabout, I have the opportunity (and puzzlement) each time of looking at all the stuff I have done, things I enjoy and attempting to coalesce it into, "what I want to do is...".

As I moved into this exercise, I leaned on something I learned from the company Corporate Visions. One of the formulaic templates they provide the companies they work with follows a three-step process:

  • Is: What is the offering?

  • Does: What does it enable the user to do?

  • Means: What does this mean for them as a result?

As I thought about describing summarizing who I am and what I do, it seemed reasonable to attempt to use that regarding the value proposition of "why you should choose Chris". Below is what I came up with.

"Chris is a dynamic problem solver and excellent communicator who excels at building rapport. He uses tools like the Business Model Canvas and visual storytelling to facilitate strategic discussions and deliver a message. This will help you arrive at more holistic solutions to your problems and build clearer messages. Chris has worked with established companies, startups and nonprofits in this capacity."

Is there anything about this statement you would change? Is anything unclear or have I forgotten something of value? Leave me a comment below. At the very least, I hope its more straightforward than this...

Go Forth Boldly

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