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Having a Tourist Mentality in my Own City

A couple weeks ago I found myself in a part of the Carondelet neighborhood I only see a time or two a year. On my through the neighborhood, I passed the Carondelet Historical Society. I got to thinking about it and what might lay inside as it disappeared into my rear view. In addition to escape from our routine, one of the things I am often seeking when traveling is culture and ways of life that are new or less familiar to me. Traditions different from my own and those around me, different foods, perspectives and opinions. But it dawned on me in that there is no rule that the history that happened near us is moment that no one says the history that happened closer-to-home will be any less interesting or less valuable than something in a distant land. There is no question that things taking place in distant lands are sure to come with more to learn but they do not hold a monopoly on such things.

If I were to go back to the historical society, and I mean to, the St. Louis I know and think of today is certainly not what I would find inside. Instead it would be something from which I could learn. One populated by different people who likely held different outlooks on life and were challenged by different things than I am.

When I think about what I look for in travel, I realize some of it does not require an airplane or long road trip but rather taking the time to dig a bit deeper in my own backyard. What may be the most compelling part as I reflect is the most unlikely place to look to learn something new and remarkable is close to home. Rather than looking for the novelty, I am likely to oversimplify it and not look at it like I would when traveling with curious eyes.

For all that is made of the glamour of travel, how much more often could I enjoy pieces of that by taking more time to dig around in the place I call home?

Only one way to find out.

Go Forth Boldly

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