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My Nonsensical Sides

If you look up nonsense in the dictionary, you will find a couple definitions. Two of them stand out to me as things I represent varying certain moments:

  1. things of no importance or value

  2. an instance of absurd action

The older I have become, although its always been part of my personality, the less interested or enduring I have become when confronted with things I perceive as lacking importance or value. If you are excited about something, I can almost assure you I will be in to listen to it. I love it when people are fired up. I will give most anything a fair shake but when a discussion at the office is dragging on, someone is telling me about a Kardashian or something feels shallow, if I don't see "importance or value" in it, I am likely to excuse myself from it as I feel like I have better things to do. Derek Sivers might say of situations like this, "are you a 'hell yes' or a 'no'?"

While this can seem cold, and sometimes can come across this way when my energy is low, my bigger thing is I don't want to feign interest in something if I don't have it because that feels disingenuous to you and me. I try not to ask "how are you?", in a passing conversation because when I think about it, that is a long-form answer that when answered honestly, could also have a lot of emotion around it. Your day might be complete crap or overly joyous. But if you only have 19 seconds to respond, "good" or "great!" might be the summary of your day. There is a catch here I've started to wrestle with recently which is, "can I arrive at deeper conversation with someone I've never met without first engaging in small talk?"

With that angle of my no nonsense approach in place, I'll share with you about a moment a couple weeks ago when my father asked, "since you've been working for a bank for a couple years, I'm curious if you're still able to have fun at the office?" I went on to give him three or four examples of moments that very day when I'd brought, or at least attempted to bring, a good time to the office. Which brings me to the second definition of nonsense, "an instance of absurd action." Despite the moments in which I may step away from what I perceive as lacking value, when I am settled in among colleagues, friends or family, you can rest assured I am looking for humor in that moment. Whether its a chance to get a playful in a dig against someone, drop a pun or bring an overly dramatic reaction to something. I am a seeker in this life and one thing I am always seeking is to have a good time, whenever appropriate.

And this summarizes why I sometimes think of myself as a no nonsense, all nonsense kind of guy.

Go Forth Boldly

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