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Present Struggles Becoming Past Glories

Most days I wake up and feel behind. It seems like there are countless things to be done and chances are, I'll drop a ball at some point. Somewhere, a co-worker is probably upset with me. Whether its their project I'm neglecting because I'm busy or I'm working on their project but key details are missing or will change, necessitating a redo. If I'm not mindful about it, this is where my mind can go on a typical day. I'm working to better notice when my mind goes to dread and guilt and step away from those patterns.

But something else happened yesterday. I was working from my parent's house and when my dad got home from work I was showing him part of a project I was working on. Before I knew it, I was showing him a portfolio of the work I've turned out over the past year. He remarked he was impressed, which felt nice. More importantly, in that moment, I was impressed with myself. "Wow! I've knocked out more than I give myself credit for."

I'm sure today, tomorrow or the day after that, I'll find myself back in panic mode at some point but hopefully every once in a while I'll remember to be proud of myself.

Maybe I am a marketer after all ;)

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