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I have begun a writing class taught by Malcolm Gladwell via Masterclass. Our first assignment was to answer some questions and ultimately make a list of 5 plus things that might interest me to write about. Those things are below. I am now supposed to solicit feedback on these. I would love to hear your thoughts, challenges and questions. Which do you like most? Which is unclear?

  • This one is about our overly-wired world. How does one find the balance between being connected and part of the conversation vs letting go of social pressures and a desire to be in-the-know. Our brains naturally navigate towards what is easy and fast. How do we slow down and make space for longer ideas and embrace the quiet and unknown of the analog void?

  • I heard a quote from George Saunders that has stuck with me, "Humor is what happens when we're told the truth quicker and more directly than we're used to". The more I immerse myself in standup comedy, the more I find myself marveling at the opportunity it can help soften a conversation. In today's fractured world, how might I yield it more often to relax tough conversations when it is in our nature to move quickly to drawing lines and disagreement?

  • Chef and TV celebrity Anthony Bourdain once said, "it is my honor and privilege to travel around the world and be wrong about shit." I think its imperative people move outside of their usual circles, and national borders when possible to have their worldview challenged. How might we encourage that?

  • I am a dedicated hip hop fan. I think a lot about what that art form can teach people about life in places and contexts they may not understand and the beauty that can lie behind lyrics that at first pass one may find excessive. What might we learn if we dare to listen and ask why this is the theme? What do seemingly disparate genres like hip hop and country have in common?

  • I'm interested in integrity. When I think about shows I love like West Wing and Newsroom, I see people who stand for something and want to do the hard work rather than score cheap shots. How do we become interested in ethics and looking back over something we're proud of vs scoring cheap shots in the near-term?

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