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Convergence and Coherence

In 2010 I lost a job I had with BJC. While the role had opened up my eyes to strategic thinking and helped shape the person I am today, the role itself ended up not being the right fit. As it came to a close, I began using some of my free time to track down an array of people on Twitter with opinions and perspectives I didn't have, which helped challenge and expand my thinking. During 2011, my year abroad in Malaysia, I was confronted by a whole other array of thoughts and approaches to life that were foreign to me, in addition to discovering inspiring platforms like TED and one of my most influential muses, Seth Godin. The chapter that followed Malaysia was marked by a year-plus of soul-searching for what would come next and continuing to identify new ideas: Business Model Canvases, Lean Startups and more. Fast forward to the present and after years of bringing in ideas from every place imaginable, I'm beginning to see some of the ideas I've encountered begin to intersect and perhaps even become, dare I say, my own. Years of inbound ideas may be creating ideas and principles of my own worth doubling down on.

While I am beginning to write on what might become a series of pieces, what I am reflecting on at the moment is a seeming drop in desire for new ideas so I have the bandwidth to create something. I am not giving up on discovery but rather saying, "I need to focus on this thing for a while to discover its a thing".

Go Forth Boldly

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