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From To-Do to To-Don't

"Doing Less. Better", is the theme my boss rolled out for our department this year. With 2017 having been her first full year with the bank, as well as mine and three other colleagues, this year is about focusing on quality not quantity.

This is something I have been thinking about in my personal life for a while (h/t Farnam Street) and the longer I look, the more places I see opportunities to eliminate a routine or to-do from my plate. As someone whose Strengths Finder includes areas like: ideation, learner and input, the amount of material I find myself consuming, or wanting to consume, is high. And over the weekend, a new lens for it was thrown my way by a recent episode of Tim Ferriss's podcast on handling information overwhelm and social media. He spent a minute reflecting on a piece of advice he'd received which is "is that just-in-time or just-in-case?" Put another way, will this serve me from an enjoyment or experiential standpoint, or is it something I'm spending time on in the hopes it benefits me?

A couple months ago, a friend and I were discussing the opiate crisis and she mentioned being in the middle of a book about it. The last time we were together she surprised me with it. As I've stared at it on my coffee table the other day, I admitted to myself it felt more like an obligation than a desire. I've decided to give it back to her without opening it but will thank her for thinking of me.

I have no doubt the crisis my city and country are facing is more complex than I give it credit for and yet, I'm not sure taking that information in right now is the best use of my time among the four other books I'm reading and other things occupying my time. What will I give up doing for the sake of other things next?

Go Forth Boldly

"If its not a Hell Yes, its a No" Derek Sivers

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