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Despite all the great things that happened to me in 2017, it was not easy at every turn. A notable part of this was with my job. I started a new job at Enterprise Bank & Trust, which sounded exciting but would call upon a host of new skills I would need to develop. A growth opportunity for sure but also taxing in its scale.

As I look back among the battles fought and lessons learned, I can recall (and feel) heightened stress and long work days. But as a result of this "growth", I can point to two things I believe I believe will make for a better in 2018.

Learning to work smarter: since the end of 2011, almost all professional roles I have held were slower moving and/or less contingent on daily operations keeping the organization moving. Throughout this period skills I didn't need to hone or maintain as much included efficiency and focus. While this new job has had a heck of a learning curve learning curve, I believe its safe to say part of the reason it was difficult was my lack of familiarity with hustling and grinding through to-dos.

As I began to think about making 2018 a better year last quarter and early-on in this year, words from local entrepreneur Chris Motley, conveyed it best in a recent discussion, "I'm convinced that focus and the ability to do deep work are what separate those who are successful from those who are not."

Unleashing my inner banker: Not so much in the, I lend people money and make deposits for them way but I have a growing familiarity with the industry and how to better work as a marketer within it. Yesterday I found myself in a meeting about payments and when the vendor began talking about "checks, ACH and wires", I knew what was their solution was designed to improve and not. I felt proud of myself for not having to play catch up. I've been laying the basic groundwork and have leveled up to an extent, which sets me ahead in my quest to be a better employee.

I'll only know how I did in 2018 once its behind me. But I hope I remember how far I've come to get here.

Go Forth Boldly

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