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Easy to (re)Start

There are a handful of blogs out there I prioritize when they release new content. One is from James Clear. Much of what he discusses are practical, not too hard to apply points-of-view but are also insightful. In a recent video he posted, he spoke about being 1% better every day.

Similar to Steven Pressfield discussing "the resistance", Clear hits at the emotional and/or procedural inertia we must overcome to work on something important. One of the points he arrives at is "top performers" don't necessarily have better abilities than the rest of us but are great at starting and restarting the task at hand.

One of Clear's major points is: figure out what makes it hardest for you to start (and restart) what you should be prioritizing and work to eliminate/lower those barriers, "focus on the starting line rather than the finish line". The number of attempts we give ourselves ultimately determines our success. He points out that when we fail, and we all will, we have to make it easy to restart by planning for it. As an example, if I miss your workout in the morning, by default it kicks over to that evening.

Things I want to prioritize at the starting line are

  1. A daily meditation

  2. A daily workout

  3. The time to read

  4. The time to write

  5. Spending more time with friends and family

Meditation is something I have practiced here and there but has never stuck. I see a great opportunity for them in the evening after the formal work day (i.e. meetings) concludes around 5. This might be when I look into implementing one. The thing I need to plan for as Clear states is when I have something in the evening asking for my time right after work. If I miss my 5 p.m. meditation, then my fall back needs to be before bed so I can rest with a calm mind.

As for working out, the most opportune time I see is the morning. If I miss my morning workout, then I need to plan to go that evening after work.

I plan to spend a good part of the week, thinking about this list of five things and how I can lower the barriers to entry around them.

Go Forth Boldly

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