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Not Not Speaking My Truth

I was inspired the other day by the tone and audacity of Oprah's Golden Globe speech like so many people. Without lingering on any political aspirations she may or may not have, I want to focus on one comment towards the end she made that fired me up and caused reflection, "speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have".

After that statement bounced around in my head briefly, I then re-framed it through the principle of Inversion as, "what does it look like when I'm not speaking my truth?"

Having practiced inversion over the past year, one thing I come back to is how much easier I find it to identify and plan for what I want to avoid, or do less often, compared to identifying and doing what I want. I'm not sure I can speak to what my truth is but I think I do have a great idea of what it looks like when I'm not being true to myself.

I interpreted the above question a bit more broadly and reflected on it as, "what does it look like when I'm not being true to myself".

  1. When I do not share my thoughts because I'm afraid of being called out as a fraud or am saying something with the goal of wounding someone

  2. When I take myself too seriously or shame myself

  3. When I say "yes" to commitment I'd prefer not to do

  4. When I forget or downplay all I have to be grateful for when faced with present hardships or frustrations

  5. When I am not focused on the task at hand or am not removing barriers (physical, mental or emotional) keeping me from continuing on the work I seek to do

  6. When I am do not leave myself time for fun or relaxation

  7. When I shy away from telling friends, family and colleagues how lucky I am to have them in my life

I think of this as a to-don't list. By engaging in the practice of unlearning the above, I will be one step closer to speaking my truth.

Go Forth Boldly

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