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The Nudge I Require

In a world with countless experiences to be had, its natural I will feel more inclined towards some than others. This may be defined by geography or revolve around a subject or situation I have greater comfort in or knowledge to help me make a decision.

When something falls outside my comfort zone but intrigues me, the challenge is finding a way to overcome inertia and give it a shot. For that I can either: a) wait for / push myself to activate in that arena or b) find educational materials or someone I trust to help guide me in and compel me to more regularly engage in that environment.

What catalysts might help me better job engage to overcome the resistance I feel as Steven Pressfield would say? Music is one area I always want to know more about but it feels daunting to consider where I might begin. A hat tip to my friend Chris who recently launched a podcast called Mound City Mixtape, where he interviews local musicians and others heavily steeped in music and our city's scene. What I need for to become enabled in this area is not strong pushes but little nudges. On the second episode, I recommend starting there, the first guest makes a couple rapid-fire recommendations of current groups she is interested in and uses some great descriptors to breakdown where she feels they fit on the scatterplot of genres. I already found a new group to get into called Algiers.

As I ask myself what I need to active, I might also ask, "What recommendations might people trust me to make or invitations should I be extending?"

Here is a quick list of things that have challenged the way I think in the past couple months

  • "Why do Happy People Cheat?" This piece is about infidelity but is not what I found most valuable to reflect on. Rather it discusses how we as Americans vs. other parts of the world navigate the world of infidelity because we are so much more individualistic of a society rather than collectivist (wikipedia overview of the two).

  • Prior to a recent guided tour around the city I knew our region had a history of injustice when it came to development. As more recent and in plain sight examples go, I didn't know The Brentwood Promenade, home to popular stores like Target and Trader Joes, was one. Not all that long ago, a majority African-American community, called Evans Place, was effectively pushed out to make room for the retail giants that now inhabit the space. Neighborhoods with more influence and wealth were not targets for such development.

Go Forth Boldly

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