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Slowing Down the Day

I often notice my weekend days feeling short. Even rushed. Rather than taking my time and unwinding, its a balancing act between racing, relaxing and reveling. With a weekend not being much more than 48 hours, I'm not expecting an eternity wish it wasn't here and then gone.

Once a month I program in a weekend, roughly 5 p.m. on Friday to 5 p.m. on Sunday, in which I cease using my TV, internet, computer and program my smartphone to only accept calls. It has been a small attempt on my part to remind myself detaching from our on-demand world can be done with little effort and no consequences. On any given day the things I need-to-know or have-to-do reveal themselves during these breaks as much softer want-to-know or like-to-do things.

This past weekend it was hard to miss how unrushed and long the mornings felt. I read a nice portion of the books I'm working on and when I was ready to put them down, I still had an hour left before lunch. While its no ground breaking discovery, it occurred to me that there were no digital distractions to break my concentration and enjoyment of my books. This is not a call to abandon the technology in our lives. Only a reminder that much of what we pretend is important is usually just us distracting ourselves from what we mean to or want to do.

Go Forth Boldly

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