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A week ago while chatting with my friend Erin, I mentioned the relatively new rules I had set for myself around social media. I had not cut it out entirely but rather given myself one window each week to check it so I wouldn't revert to a total luddite while at the same time reducing mindless scrolling that usually makes me think, "well that's [20] minutes I'm never getting back."

Erin told me about a piece she'd read about a guy that had taken a lot of major apps off his phone, including his web browser. REALLY?! His web browser? We kicked it around for a bit and then said, "let's give ourselves a week and see what happens."

After seven days I have to say any minor concerns I had about this experiment have not played out in any major way. Sure there were a few times I reflexively wanted to look something up but when I thought on it of course I didn't have to have it right then or even at all. For the few moment I needed info, I made a note or went to my computer and looked it up. That's the other thing, I'm usually not that far from another device.

Mild frustrations I have had include:

  1. Receiving a text message with a link in it OR

  2. Wanting to text someone a web link but I can't pull it off the web.

But there are workarounds to both and no instance has been necessary yet only something I wish I could do right away.

At the moment, I'm not planning to re-install them but I am open to it if moments present themselves increasingly, which are inhibiting productivity at work or fulfillment in my personal life.

My desire for my smartphone to provide companionship, clarity and stimuli has been a real thing at times. By taking away the functions that allow that to continue, makes my tendencies to reflexively reach for my phone lessen. I'm hopeful I'm regaining control of this important relationship.

But like all things, only time will tell.

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