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The Travel Wars

What is it we're seeking when we travel? Escape from our routine? The chance to see revered and far away places? Eat different foods and sample unique cultures?

One way my view on travel has changed is to no longer see it as a contest of seeing the most places. The conversation of how many countries and places I've visited used to be one I took pride in. [This many] airports & countries.

But over time after some impactful travel experiences, I began to ask myself, "Am I expressing the impact travel has had on my life in the right way? Is the goal to see them all? Or is the goal to ask what I've seen and how it has changed me?"

"We do not travel to move but to be moved”, Pico Iyer

The questions we should ask ourselves and others when discussing travel is perhaps less about where we're going next and instead, "what have you experienced and how has it changed you?" The experience that may have stuck with them the most might not be from an exotic place but rather a simple excursion. It is less about where you have traveled and more about how you have traveled.

Go Forth Boldly

“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life - and travel - leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks - on your body or on your heart - are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.” Anthony Bourdain

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