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Easier to Say than Practice

In today’s world of snap judgements and "there’s only room for my values", taking the time to remember or discover the humanity in someone who holds a different perspective often feels like too great of a stretch. Compromise is not only looked down on in Washington but often in our local community.

I came across a quote from Mother Teresa the other day I have found myself reflecting on regularly and believe is especially important when I feel myself moving from calm to angry,

“one of the realities we’re all called to go through is to move from repulsion to compassion and

from compassion to wonderment"

What are the schools of thought, groups of people or political stances I have a hard time tolerating? How might I work to try out patience and learning around them in hopes of understanding what has shaped the worldview they hold that contrasts with mine? To quote Krista Tippett, “I can disagree with your opinion but I cannot disagree with your experience."

And hopefully after I take enough time to understand their experiences and learn from falling into frustration enough times, I will make the bigger leap Mother Teresa referenced and begin to respect how they’ve arrived to where they are in this world.

I do not believe this is a journey that will be fun. But then again, few contrarian things we attempt in this life will be.


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