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If you read one book this year...

Consider making it a biography. Whether biographical or autobiographical I think is less important. What I am struck by when I encounter an in-depth report on a person of which I am relatively familiar, is the experiences that have shaped them. A baseball player is just that. A comedian is just a funny person. A chef is simply a curator of food.

But whenever I take the time to hear about a person and the experiences and stories that have come to shape them, I am humbled without question. I realize assumptions/judgements I made about the person or things I had simply never considered that might have happened to them.

Need a recommendation? Here are a two things I've completed in the past couple months that share almost nothing in common but I think both are worth your while

  • The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer: despite being a book by a comedian, there are parts that made me cry and become repulsed by what she had experienced.

  • Glenn Beck interviewed via On Being: The infamous conservative TV and radio personality has so much more of a complex past that I could've imagined. While he and I would still likely find ourselves diametrically opposed on most topics, I better see and understand the humanity in him now.

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