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Power of Figurative Language

While we all may think in varying degrees about society's current pace of life, I'd stand to believe most people agree at least at certain moments, we are living our lives too fast. There are a thousand things we can give our attention to and the battle for it is on.

I heard a statement recently about the power of poetry in modern times. Because of how poetry is structured and written, it forces us to slow down and take it in. When something is not said literally but rather figuratively and with abstraction, it pushes the reader or listener towards contemplation.

While I am not an expert at reading -let alone writing- poetry, I can see where this comes from. Whether its a series of lyrics or more of a formal piece, when language is less literal, I think it has the ability to become more what we need it to be.

My next step is to get better at reading poetry. Want to join me? "How to Read a Poem" by Edward Hirsch would seem to be a good place to start.

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