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When does new become normal?

Six days ago I found myself riding in a car back from a week-long vacation. As I contemplated reentry into life, I went through all the things I'd need to do.

  • Turn AC down

  • Unpack

  • Run errands

  • Meal prep

  • Yard work

  • ... etc

As I was making the list of things-to-do, which I'be done repeatedly throughout my adult life I realized something new about them. I'd be doing them from my home, which was still just over a month old. How had that not been the first realization on my part?

When I walk through the door of my place I often I still take note of it but I've already begun to feel myself going through the motions here and taking it as a given rather than marveling at the fact that I have moved and am now a home owner. Be it a new item of clothing, furniture or even a home, its amazing how quickly the new becomes normal.

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