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Jamie Foxx & Spackle

Having recently moved into a new house, I often take note of the nice tiled backsplash behind my range and kitchen counters. Its a clean and bright look that adds to the room in a nice way without being distracting. But perhaps the grout holding it all together doesn’t get enough credit. The seamless interconnectivity of the pieces is just accepted rather than credited.

Yesterday I was re-listening to an interview (link) with comedian and actor, Jamie Foxx, who spoke about many things including his university years at the music school he attended. While much has been made and is known about his musical and acting talents due to his music albums and various roles on TV and in movies, Foxx talked about the importance of his time at an incredibly diverse music school, having just moved from Terrell, Texas, with a population that was a mix of black, white and hispanic, he gained perspectives to whole parts of the world he had never considered before.

Foxx spoke of learning about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the first time as one example. In the course of this cultural immersion, he often found himself acting as an intermediary during impassioned discussions and came to refer to himself as, “spackle”, working to bridge the gap between different people and views.

Spackle isn’t pretty but it seals damage in walls and fills gaps where cracks have formed. It doesn’t any major credit but is critical for what it does. In a world where we tend to reward shouting at each other rather than listening and working to finding common ground or at least making an attempt to humanize people we don't agree with, I think we could all use a little spackle in our lives.

Go Forth Boldly

"I can disagree with your opinion but I cannot disagree with your experience”, Krista Tippett

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