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Challenging Long Held Beliefs

Quick thought for this Tuesday.

I'll never forget back in 2011 when I heard about a company called Moving Platforms. Their work centers around long-distance, high speed trains. The situation is, these trains expend the majority of their energy speeding up and slowing down and this is where a majority of time is lost during a journey too. So if that's the case, they asked, what if a train didn't have to stop? Because if it doesn't stop, how are we ever going to get off?

Moving Platforms centers around the idea of a large bullet train that never stops but "takes its foot off the gas" when it gets near a station and then a smaller, interceptor train, catches up, syncs with it, transfers passengers, and then detaches and drop them back off at the station. I remember it was one of those moments when I thought, "that makes complete sense but I never thought of that before. I just accepted that trains had to start and stop."

What beliefs do we hold about the way something works but might not need to be the case anymore?


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