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Google’s Chairman & My Homeopathic Masseuse

When you hear something that sounds like good advice or an important mindset to behold, its usually smart to stop and take note. That happened yesterday while listening to Reid Hoffman’s new podcast, Masters of Scale. He was interviewing Eric Schmidt, former CEO and chairman of Google, now chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Schmidt offered up several pieces of advice regarding growth and experimentation but one thing he stated that really caught my attention was, “you have to trust your instincts but kill off ideas quickly.” Schmidt went on to explain a hunch / motivation / thing keeping you up at night might easily be the right thing to work on. But what you should be vigilant about is how it is executed. As I’ve heard Seth Godin similarly say, “that’s not a 'this won’t work'. That’s a ‘this didn’t work.'”

I didn’t second-guess Schmidt’s advice when hearing it but it reinforced to me in another way that grit and resilience when it comes to things we feel strongly about are a good thing. Its then becomes about finding all the ways I might bring it to reality and testing them.

Fast forward to the following day. I was in for a session with a homeopathic masseuse I see, who uses essential oils and other products to not just loosen muscles but realign my musculoskeletal structure and energy meridians, etc. Some of you may have stopped reading right after reading it but I’ll tell you what, I feel wonderful when I walk out. Ok, digression ended. While I was on the table chatting with Nancy, she started talking to me about trusting intuition in my personal life. She said to me, “you need to sit still for a minute and ask, 'does it feel like this would serve my true self?’ If the answer is, ‘yes’, go forward with it. But don’t get attached to the action you’ve just decided to undertake. If ends up being wrong, just let it go. But keep on trusting your intuition."

Here’s the bottom line according to Eric and Nancy: listen to your gut when it tells you to give something a shot But if it doesn’t turn out quite the way you thought, jettison the plan but keep searching for a similar path.

Go Forth Boldly

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