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Good news... that's your job!

Email usually sucks. We know this. There is always more of it clogging up our inbox, clambering for our attention and as a result, distracting us from our work or free time. But every once in a while, you get a message that is pretty damn awesome. I got one of those yesterday.

I recently revisited a podcast I discovered last fall call The Innovation Benchmark. The series was put together by a firm looking to glean insights from large companies including Ford, Mastercard, Barclays and Marriot. In the middle of the first episode, I picked up something I had missed during my first go-round.

They quoted one of the founders of IDEO, Bill Moggridge, who earlier in his career had helped design and launch one of the first laptops. Despite winning multiple design awards, few sold and it ultimately failed. When looking back on it, Moggridge remarked at the great design of the product but noted the key failure: it didn't help people in business work more efficiently because its operating system, run through DOS, was complicated and difficult to use. The product was ideal in an academic setting yet not practical in the real world it was designed to be sold to.

It was at that point Moggridge adopted a new outlook on the design of products and services saying, "We are designing verbs, not nouns." In the aforementioned example, the noun is, he designed a great looking pc. The verb is, it did not enable customers to work more efficiently.

Despite often seeing examples of innovation and creativity, this one got me really excited. Verbs vs. Nouns is not only easy to understand but as a result might be great for instilling in people as we endeavor to evolve our workforce and bank to strive towards building what is next. I was excited enough that I emailed my boss the above story and her response was, "I totally agree with that. And the good news is that is YOUR job :)"

Go Forth Boldly

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