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This morning I found myself making a list of things I didn't get done over the weekend. Many fall into the category of requiring more effort or taking more time to understand how to knock it out. In short, I crossed-off the easy things and left the real work. This makes me think of work too.

My title as of early February at work is, "portfolio marketing manager". Its has a cool ring right? "What does it mean?", you ask. My primary function is to better understand the customers my company wants to serve. As we invest ourselves in unlocking their hopes, goals and dreams, we can better figure out how to help them, "improve their financial well-being". Based on their stage of life, stage of work, social obligations and aspirations, we can become the financial services partner that fits into their life. My role is to be their advocate. I've come to think of it as social anthropology. Once we understand their story, we adjust what we deliver and how we deliver it to them.

Did I do a half-decent job explaining it?

Cool. Because there are moments I feel out of my depth breaking it down and even more so when its time to perform the actual job. Much like how I spent my time over the weekend, I've seen moments at the office where I avoid the big projects and knock out the little ones. I've allowed myself to become overwhelmed by the work at hand rather than breaking it down into manageable projects and seeking help when needed.

The good news is: I haven't been on the job long enough to fall behind. So I think this morning is as good of a time as any to "turn pro", as Steven Pressfield would say. Its time for me to do the work rather than simply evangelize it. Time o lean into the discomfort and learning curve. Starting today, I am a humble yet determined portfolio marketing manager. When I pack my bags for work, I'll work to pack my growth mindset and leave behind my ego. I'll work to stop wishing I had a clearer roadmap and just set out on the journey.

Go Forth Boldly

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