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Turn up the silence

While driving a couple times in recent weeks, I've found myself thinking, "why do I have this podcast/Spotify channel / radio station on if I'm really even paying attention to or enjoying it?" A response I've thought and others say before is, "well its nice just to have something on in the background." So here is a question to the crux of the situation, "why is it nice to just have something on in the background?"

Is it because our TV/radio is right there so we might as well make use of it? Is it a productivity thing? I need to knock out this podcast so I don't fall behind? Or is it something more basic? Is it somewhat unsettling to be alone in a room just our own thoughts? Despite all the stimuli, joyous and upsetting we are subjected to, is peace and quiet the most provocative. What might we discover when left to our own devices rather than left to using a device? What would happen if we let our subconscious stream instead of Netflix?

The next time you're in the car, at home, out for a walk, standing in line at the store, ask yourself, "am I listening to this or staring at this device because I'm engaged or because I don't want to be doing nothing?"

Go Forth Boldly

“All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Blaise Pascal


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