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The guru on my roof

The other afternoon I had the home I'm looking at inspected. I dropped by a bit before four when it was scheduled to start and the inspector was already there having begun the assessment. We chatted a bit and he told me about his process and what I would receive to help inform my decision and final asks of the builder.

At some point in the world of small talk we made it past, "what do you do for a living?", and somehow ended up on, "have you read any good books lately?" This opened up a world of conversation and wisdom I could not have anticipated. This guy ended up being one of the most well-read and insightful people I have come across in a while. He reads a book a week and is always chasing out the unusual. He identifies as Judeo-Christian and yet reads books on different religions, seeking out information to add to his own. As the inspection wound down, rather than him heading out in a hurry, we stood in the unfinished portion of my basement for what had to be twenty minutes and discussed a variety of topics.

In his early-sixties, he went on to say that based on his health and medical science, "I believe I'll live for another thirty years. Some people my age I know are ramping their lives down, I'm ramping mine up. There is no reason I shouldn't be leveraging everything I have experienced to build great relationships and make an impact."

There is so much else I could say but the point of the story is if you had asked me to describe a home inspector prior to that afternoon, the first words I would have reached for would not have been: academic, curious and caring. An important reminder that each person is their own set of stories and experiences.

Go Forth Boldly

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