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A list is just a list

Feast Magazine has a list. So does Sauce. And don’t forget Yelp, Michelin, Zagat and on and on. But what does “best restaurant”, “best burger”, “best bar”, “best sushi” even mean? It means a particular critic has decided this based on an experience or perhaps a rigorous quantitative scale was used, and the winner is the one that earned the most points of any others that were evaluated.

But here is the thing, what if I go track down the best fried chicken and don’t agree? Am I wrong? Or is Zagat? I’m pretty sure the answer is nobody is wrong. While one happens to be a city-living midwestern banker and the other is a well-known food ranking, We each get an opinion.

Don’t get me wrong. As anyone who reads this regularly or who talks with me often, you know I LOVE the show, "Chef’s Table”. Understanding the creative process chefs have, their journey and back story are fascinating to me.

But I think along the way I forgot the list of best restaurants in St. Louis or even in the world is still just a list at the end of the day. It is not law. It is a guide through an individual’s or organization’s lens.

I’m not calling off my dreams of visiting D.O.M. and you shouldn’t call of your pursuit either. It just suddenly felt it important to remind myself that a list is only a list. Whether you’re about molecular gastronomy or sticking to the classics, do your thing.

Go Forth Boldly

Speaking of not worshipping chefs, here is Sean Brock of Husk on cheeseburgers

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