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4 walls and a roof

On May 23rd, I am scheduled to close on a house I have under contract in the Marine Villa neighborhood. When I first found the place while out on a run - the usual way this happens - it was in the early days of a renovation. When I first went through it, I saw little more than than the existing brick, joists & original flooring, insulation and studs. This Friday I will tour it as a finished product for the first time.

I regularly get the question, "Are you SO excited about the house?!" I feel anti-climactic when I respond along the lines of, "sure". The weird duality of the situation is, my house buying process began out of a challenge to try looking for one, combined with my frustration by the poor construction of my current apartment. So when I think about my emotional state regarding the house itself, I'm not bubbling over with emotion.

But when I think about: having a place that is well-insulated, a great space for entertaining, one I can decorate to my liking, not sharing walls with other people, it being small enough (<1,100 square feet) I won't have to buy a bunch of stuff for it to feel lived in, it having been recently remodeled so it won't (in theory) entail much initial work and it being another way I can commit to my city, I feel my emotional state tick up.

I'm delighted the house I've found is historic (built in 1899). I'm lucky it is a block of the burgeoning, always keeping you guessing Cherokee Street. I feel lucky I'll have four sets of friends within a short walk of my place.

A house is just bricks, mortar, varieties of wood and furnishing. This is less exciting. Am I excited about the memories I will make there? You bet.

We'll see how my "buy-in" changes once I see it completed for the first time later this week.

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