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Hiding in Plain Sight

Back in January, I was out for happy hour with my friends Amy and Matt. We kicked around a number of fun topics but at one point Matt asked me, "when are you going to take all the things you've learned in your career and build something of your own?" It was one that intrigued and stumped me. He explained and I followed that by executing on someone else's work you can be a great deliverer of work but real opportunity comes to carve out your niche and create value when you take what you know and build from there.

Its been 3 months since that conversation and I've heard it in my head most days since then. While all of it made sense to me, I wasn't sure where to look or how to think about it. I regularly felt possibilities might be right in front of me but I couldn't see them.

This past Sunday I didn't quite find the thing I might create but I think I found a "thread" that might lead me there. Its still new enough I won't share it quite yet but want to point out that when chatting with my dad about it, he spoke about my interests in a way that drew a venn diagram of how my current personal and professional skills and interests overlap and he asked, "might not it fall in the overlap?"

My parting words from this experience would be, if you're looking for a path by which to create your own thing, start by writing down everything your work and personal journey has entailed thus far. What are the things that really intrigue you and where is the overlap between them? There will likely be a lot of discovery and experience along the way but this may be a smart place to start.

Go Forth Boldly

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