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Actions Speak Louder than Words

In today’s world of generalizations, breaking news and topics trending on social media before we fully grasp what is going on are examples of how emotions and reaction are outpacing the act of taking a breath, reflecting and then acting. Trophies seems to be rewarded to the first person that “shares” or the one that insults or marginalizes a different school of though. Its so easy to reinforce the echo chamber by releasing our fear and frustration and hope we reach someone with a differing view in a way they didn’t expect.

For all we find out in the world right now, if we step back and look at what is taking place and then ask, “what does the world need right now?”, do we think it would be another oversimplified opinion? One more person to pile on to the latest outrage?

As I reflect on what the world needs right now, I will offer a quote from a potentially a-typical source for a post like this, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem once said, “The best way to complain is to make things”.

The simplicity and valued contained in this statement resonated when I heard it. Complaining or reinforcing the online conversation is an easy to be involved. Making something to share, representing our complaint takes more work and is hard. With creation not only comes the required work but also the possibility that what we make will be rejected or ignored. Its easy to wait for someone else to solve the problem rather than jump into the fray on our own. We find a solution or outlet by starting the process ourselves.

In light of the above, I wanted to take a minute to give props to a few people I know that have chosen to make things rather than simply yell into the echo chamber. My friend James started an environmental awareness and action blog [sign up here], my friend Diana helped create an event called “Beef & a Toast”, where you learn about an issue and then toast to being a part of the solution, and my friends Mark and Amanda started “Citizen Salon”, a monthly forum at their home to educate others and be educated themselves about issues and how we can get involved.

Now that I’ve lauded a bunch of people for taking action I guess the next step is for me to figure out what action I will take. To the drawing board!!

Go Forth Boldly

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