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Busyness & Priorities

While I do not feel I have said it often with disdain or anger, I have recently found myself using the word "busy" more often. While it is certainly true I have more on my plate now than I did six months ago, I was reminded last night that "busy" is a trap we place ourself in. Are we really busy? Are we prioritizing poorly? Is our focus off?

If I feel like I need 30 minutes more in the work day, the first question I should ask myself is, "how much time did social media and coffee break take today? Do I need more time or do I need to better resist distraction? While I do not seek to remove all relaxation from the day, I would imagine there is always efficiency to be gained here. And when it comes to feeling busy in the evenings, why is that the case? Am I agreeing to go to events I felt like I was supposed to attend rather than wanted to attend? Am I giving more time away to TV for the sake of TV (or any other activity) than I should be? I would again not seek to eliminate fun from my evenings. I should spend them however I want, I think its merely the case of knowing when to allow myself relaxation and escape vs. GSD.

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