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When time stops

Last weekend I was in Kansas City to tour the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art with some friends while enjoying excellent BBQ, cocktails and weather. Memories were made and great experiences were had.

One moment that sticks out was an exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins, "Janet Cardiff: Forty-Part Motet". It is the recording of a 40 member choir singing and each voice has its own dedicated speaker, creating remarkable audio-effects as you walk around the circular setup. Get a taste here

The exhibition was incredible to experience but what sticks out most for me was watching the 30 or so people taking it in with me. In the fast-paced, distraction-prone world we live in, everyone appeared suspended in the moment. The power of the piece took us beyond the art itself to another plane. A word that reflects what I felt and saw other people experiencing comes to mind, reverence. People were humbled by the power of this piece and couldn't help but be transported away by it.

Its incredible to see what we can create as human beings, share with others and the influence it can have on others.

Go Forth Boldly

Here is a bonus piece for you all that was posted this morning, reminding me of that moment last weekend.

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