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Desperate for more of what we lack

Why is it we either feel overwhelmed or bored by our status quo? A friend and I have both undergone fairly dramatic changes at work in the past couple months. I went from bored to busy and she went from busy to bored. Prior to the change, each of us craved a little more of what the other had but once it was upon us in reality, we began to ask, "did I used to have it better?" Which brings me to my primary question, "WTF is work-life balance anyway?" I'm sure we each have our own answer but for me it seems to be a middle ground that is impossible to reach or more likely doesn't exist.

I either need just a little more work or a little more free time. Its elusive and I would wager it is often more of a mental thing than an actual thing. Once I resolve myself to the fact a perfect balance doesn't exist then I can more easily accept and be grateful for the way things are right?

Go Forth Boldly

"Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle. Some things are within your control. And some are not." Epictetus


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