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When a nemesis slays it

Recently I sat through a presentation put on by someone I had once upon a time worked with. When that working relationship came to a close years back, I wouldn't have described it as a healthy ending. It was not infused with bitterness and hatred but a general disinterest and concern the person was over-hyped in their world would have been fair characterizations. When I had a meeting put on my calendar by a current colleague inviting me to the talk by the former colleague, I could feel my blood pressure increase a point or two.

I was a bit blown away we were using this person? "I'm sure we could find someone more qualified for this", I thought. But as time progressed I forgot about the meeting until it was the day of. I walked into the event conflicted as hell and convinced it would be a train wreck.

I sat down at the event and something surprising happened. It didn't go off the rails. The audience was engaged. Once they started asking questions they didn't stop. The energy in the room was up and people seemed to be having a great time. It was a simple reminder that a past experience or series of them, while at times a good indicator of the future does not corollate on a 1:1 basis.

Its important that I keep an open mind. I think its ok to bring my previous experiences with me into a situation but I have to give myself permission to have my opinions altered and mind changed.

I was wrong and that's alright.

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