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Where do jobs come from?

This morning I was at a forum hosted by the International Institute of St. Louis reviewing where our city and country is with immigration at the moment. Since I work among many entrepreneurs by day, my ears perked up extra when the conversation reached immigrants as entrepreneurs. Nationally, immigrants are 28% more likely to be entrepreneurs than native-born Americans. That number is 29% here in St. Louis, roughly 7,100 in our region. It is also important to note that across our country, roughly 10% of American workers have jobs at private firms founded by immigrants.

While this issue is highly politicized for many, what's important to get to at the route is immigrants are roughly 1/3 more likely to start a business than people born in our country. If we want jobs, we need people who are willing to take the risk to start a company. Let's pave the way for job creators so we might have the opportunity to all be gainfully employed.

Source: the data discussed this morning was prepared by the New American Economy

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