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Starch and Stripes

As of Wednesday, I have a job with a written description for the first time in almost two years. My employer, Eagle Bank and Trust, was purchased by another St. Louis institution, Enterprise Bank and Trust. As I hear from others, but have never been a part of before, mergers can often feel like evil overtaking good. The noble company a person has worked for is swallowed by a bigger badder entity. Thus far, I'm happy to say this occasion seems different. It feels like good people coming together to work with other good people. Pretty much the same as Voltron.

Despite the wonderful impressions and future outlook, some things have and will change. Some colleagues from Eagle have been let go, our name will become Enterprise and some of the ways we conduct business will alter. For me, the completely open role I was cast into 22 months ago will change but I believe it will be for the better. Eagle, and my boss Mike, had the patience and foresight to blaze an unchartered trail for the bank into the startup arena. Now as Enterprise and with two years under our belt, I see an opportunity to apply a more deliberate focus in how we create value for this emerging market.

One thing that will look somewhat different is part of my role will support the bank's internal marketing and positioning efforts rather than being completely external. This heightened visibility and honing of my skills will be useful but will call for a formality of dress that has become less common for me.

What I might appreciate most about the life I have in the startup world follows: The day after my new role was confirmed I was chatting with a couple people at my Cortex office and they asked, "are you going to have to start wearing suits?" One of them jumped in and said, "its all 'pleats and creases' from here on."

We all laughed and I believe my response was something along the lines of, "that is the name of my next band." The joke made about my potential future dress alongside the role of startup community prankster / evangelist reminds me how lucky I am. I straddle two worlds, traditional and innovative, aiming (and hoping) to bring them together in a potentially meaningful way.

I am lucky to work around creative, inspiring and playful people that push me to be my very best but also don't take themselves too seriously.

To the next chapter.


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