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Regulation and Innovation

Regulations are important. They're part of the reason why US city air quality is so much better today than it was generations ago.

Pittsburgh in the 1940s

We in part have regulations to thank for cleaner air along with safe drinking water, food standards and many other things private industry is either not incentivized to do or just couldn't happen without the government. But regulations can also stifle innovation. Part of the reason many emerging therapeutics are tested in other countries first are because entry thresholds are much higher here than in other places. These regulations protect Americans from treatments that are not yet fully vetted but also keep us from accessing therapies which might help us but are not yet approved here. This is the catch-22 we face with more regulations.

Earlier this week President Trump adopted a piece of legislation, "aimed at cutting regulations on businesses." The progressive in me sought out reasons to dislike it since I remain extremely skeptical of him and his motives. But when I did remember not all regulations are beneficial or are redundant, I was reminded not all things coming out this administration will not be harmful. I should assert I worry which regulations will be repealed and those that will be enacted. I don't know if I'll like what does change but I see value in its intent.

This post is more for me than anything. In addition to being a part of the "persistent resistance", I must remember some areas will not require a battle because if I look hard enough, I might: 1) not have a problem with it, 2) might even get behind it.

This is reassuring in some small way because if every situation requires a fight, I will over-extend myself and not apply my new found activism effectively.

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