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Expert on the outside. Impostor on the inside.

"No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself." Seth Godin

The adventure of life is an interesting one for sure. Most days we're meandering our way through it just hoping to get something valuable done. We're privy to our own thoughts and wonder how someone like us gets away with doing what we do. How long until we're found out that we don't know what we're doing?

4.5 years ago I bought a book called Business Model Generation and then had the wild idea maybe I'd tell people about what I'd read. Then I got really ambitious and decided to try and walk people through the process. Before I knew it I had a job where I was occasionally helping people through it or even teaching classes on it. Now I'd truly over-extended my authority. Over the years I've come to know the tools pretty well and even had the opportunity to attend a master class in San Francisco with a bunch of other strategy nerds.

Despite all my training, there are still moments, like this morning, when I find myself the "expert" in front of a group and for a brief moment internal narrative screams, "Are you sure you're qualified to do this?" The fear of being called out as a fraud is real but I've come to terms on some fronts I must face it by moving into the discomfort and "faking it until I make it".

When the 2.5 hour workshop was behind me, from everything I heard as initial feedback, it appears to have been a success. But its incredible how my mind, many years later, continues to put me on edge like that. After all, I'm just a guy who bought a book a couple years ago who has worked his way to a point where is known for that thing.

Find a thing not being given the attention it deserves and make it yours.

Go Forth Boldly


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