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When interest and relevance drives access

On Dan Carlin of Hardcore History: "What Dan does is he makes history accessible to people who otherwise wouldn't give a shit." Mike Rowe

In a world where attention and time are the scarcest commodities we often have, what are we all doing to find something that appears complex or mundane and making it interesting and relevant to a group of people? How much of our quest for "innovation" is about making new stuff vs taking existing stuff and introducing it to people in a way that they might care?

From a drastically different perspective than history podcasts, I'm currently in the final pages of The Blue Sweater by Jacqueline Novogratz of The Acumen Fund. Its amazing how many times she cites throughout her book how often projects failed because people didn't take time to understand the context of the situation. They oversimplified what they were solving for or just assumed the way you tackle malaria in one part of Africa means it would be the same in another.

When things are approached form a solutions-perspective rather than a person-perspective, we often miss why people ignore us or something that should work or matter, ends up not.

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