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Man in the Mirror

In preparation for a new nonprofit board I've joined, Urban Harvest, I was asked to take the DiSC personality assessment. Like many of these tests, getting the results back is often eery, feeling like I've been spied on because its pretty spot on. For those that know me, here is the summary I was dealt

DiSC it turns out is used frequently in work environments because the structure of the test has a lot to do with behavioral traits and how one tends to behave around others. In the summary of my type, I was glad to see traits of mine I take pride in having/demonstrating but was also met by those I don't care for. One thing I was intrigued to learn is near the end there are three sets of results: 1) how I most likely view myself, 2) how I perform under pressure, 3) the composite of the previous two.

There is a lot about the "Inspirational Pattern" I see in myself. But as I stated, there are the more domineering traits I don't identify with as much in this one not seen as much in the "Persuader Pattern" I view myself as, which is quite similar but has some differences

When studying the two, I realized in the 'inspirational pattern' the traits I tend to display under pressure are more accounted for, thus influencing my overall score. Seeing myself outlined on a piece of paper often helps drive things home more. And if anything gives me better information to reflect on and to a degree, influence my future behavior.

One other thing before I sign off. A couple weeks back I wrote about a Myers-Briggs discussion I'd had. We got a little into the weed of if am more of an ENTJ or ENTP. Previous results, while 10+ years old, say ENTJ. With the DiSC now on the table to compare again, when I think about the two MBTI types, I think its fair to say I see the ENTJ as something I am more likely to display when under pressure and the ENTP being more the person I am when relaxed.

That's all I got.

LeBeau out

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